10 Benefits of Enzymes For Better Skin!


At Bay Harbour Med Spa (an authentic European skin care clinic, conveniently located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles) we combine natural ingredients known for their holistic exfoliating and clarifying capabilities. While there seems to be an emergence in enzyme facials, Vitamin A anti-aging facials, as well AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) skin care treatments, we’ve offered these anti-aging methods for years. We’re glad to see this so-called epic revival of enzymes. The amazing benefits of enzymes is that they provide solutions for a host of complexions. We love using enzymes in our treatments and skin care products, because they are a great alternative to mechanical scrubs, as they don’t irritate or abrade the delicate tissue, which may cause flare ups in those who suffer from rosacea. So what are enzymes and how can they help the skin? Well…

  1. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins in the human body that initiate chemical reactions in the cells. They are also derived from a number of fruit sources– papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, grape seeds, tomatoes, cherries, pomegranates and sour milk (which we don’t use, because there individuals that are allergic) to name just a few. Enzymes essentially digest dead cells on the skin’s surface, and promote a new generation of fresh, healthy ones.
  2. It is said that queen Cleopatra was famous for bathing in enzyme-laden milk. We don’t recommend this!
  3. They are powerful in cleaning up complexions, and yield radiant skin.
  4. The ability of enzymes to accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process without causing irritation makes them ideal for treating sensitive skin.
  5. Those with ultra-dry skin can greatly benefit from enzyme peels, because their agents help in removing accumulated debris.
  6. Enzymes are great in treating thickened or flaky skin.
  7. They are one of nature’s best protective mechanisms, as they contain antioxidant properties that fight free radicals of aging to further boost the skin’s health.
  8. For oily and acne-prone skin, enzyme treatments are an ideal alternative to more abrasive blemish-fighting solutions, because they open blocked pores, preventing the formation of sebum filled pores.
  9. Enzymes such amylase (derived from barley) and lipase (derived from mushrooms) are very beneficial in loosening up any sebum clogging pores and facilitating its breakdown.
  10. Cherry enzymes help refine mature skin.

There are additional benefits to enzyme skin treatments, but the above is a good guide to get you started. Remember: when trying out new skin care products, you should always test out a small spot first to test for allergies. Naturally derived ingredients included.

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