Men’s Skin Care

"man getting a facial"

Male skin is not the same as female skin! Therefore, men’s skin care requires customized skin care treatments. At our med spa (conveniently located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles) we take the following steps when performing facials on our male clientele:

  • We use organic and natural products  which help to remove some of the excess oil and dead skin to facilitate easier extraction of the skin.
  • We pay close attention to shaved areas of the face and neck, looking for lacerations, ingrown hairs, or infected follicles which present themselves as whiteheads.
  • We also offer grooming services to help give you a neater look by cleaning the eyebrows, hairline, ears and nose.

Additionally, we offer a fairly painless and long-lasting solution for unsightly hair, and irritated ingrown hairs– laser hair removal treatments. Removing hair from male skin requires practice and experience (as it is thicker and much more prone to irritation than female skin), proudly, we’ve earned a stellar reputation over the years, specific to male skin care.

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