3 Benefits of Enzyme and AHA Treatments

At our Miami Beach based med spa, our favorite exfoliating peels and masks are those that combine several enzymes of our choice (as we customize each treatment specific to the client’s needs). We create highly effective enzyme cocktails for the skin. But for our clients in need of safe skin lightening treatments, we blend enzymes with acids such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) to enhance the results and benefits. Enzymes function very similar to the mechanisms in our stomachs that help digest food- a process expedited by acids. The benefits of enzymes for the skin are numerous. But specifically, when treating our hyperpigmented clients, we opt for our specially blended AHA and enzyme combo. Because the enzymes digest dead cells on the surface, allowing for better penetration of the alpha hydroxies. For tougher skinned areas such as the backs, elbows, feet and hands, we use a potent combination of exfoliating enzymes and lactic acid. Why? Because many ingredients that treat hyperpigmentation cause irritations, we pair up alpha hydroxies with gentle enzyme peels which boost up brightening of the skin, without unnecessary irritation.

Our latest skin care products from our Skin Renewal Method product line is formulated from fulvic acid, which helps to increase the enzymes’ activity, as well as mandelic acid, which is derived from bitter almond extract.  This combination is fabulous and beneficial in treating melasma, which is one of the most difficult skin conditions to remedy.

Additional benefits of enzymes and alpha hydroxies combined together for hyperpigmentation treatments are:

  • they slough off dead cells
  • refine texture
  • help even out skin tone that is smooth to the touch all over

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