Butt Buffing Facial Treatment Demo

Today’s butt facial skin care demo (or more appropriately phrased — gluteal rejuvenation) is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa (conveniently located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles and just 15 mintues south of Aventura).

If you have acne lesions, pimples, discoloration, dry (or prickly) skin on your back side (aka bum, buttocks, fanny, etc.. ) then you should watch the above video to see how our professional and expert butt facial can help to not only clear the skin but to also give you a smooth baby bottom no matter your age!

For more information please call us at 305-864-3333.


  1. Marcia Randolph says:

    I wanted to know how much the butt facial cost??

    • medspa33154 says:

      Good evening, thank you for your interest. The cost for the buttocks skin clarifying facial is $250 (it takes about an hour and a half). Please feel free to call
      305-864-3333. Happy and healthy New Years to you!

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    • Marie says:

      Hello. I suffer from mild butt acne, however it leaves behind dark spots on my booty. I was wondering will this treatment help fade them, and if so about how many would be required?

      • medspa33154 says:

        Good afternoon- do you live in the South Florida area? Sorry for the late response. Your comment was spammed. Thank you, Eva.

  3. Cherae Davis says:

    I need butt facial, and I need lightening products for body and private area

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