How Indian Women Can Treat Facial Hair Caused by PCOS and Hirsutism

Today’s help with skincare video segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa (located between Miami Beach and Aventura – and about a 20 minute drive south from Hollywood Beach, FL).

I am answering a young woman who wrote to me (and asked for treatment options) and explained that she is Indian and the following: ” So my story began back in school when I got diagnosed with PCOS and I had a lot of facial hair. Due to continuous waxing, plucking and hormonal treatments, I have been able to reduce the hair drastically. However, my chin never stopped sprouting. Now due the plucking, I have got very bad scars and marks left behind. I’m currently doing laser hair removal to get rid of the hair and have done two sessions of chemical peel for the scars. I won’t say there isn’t any difference but it is not enough for me to feel satisfied. I’m always hiding and trying to cancel plans because I just don’t feel comfortable going out with my scars. They make me very conscious and I just can’t seem to build up my self esteem anymore. Really looking forward to your response on how I can clear these up quickly. I’m Indian with fair skin (makes the marks all the more visible) and moving to study abroad in 3 months and I really don’t want to keep hiding. I have attached some pictures for your reference. Please, please, please help me!”

If you share the same concern I hope that this video helps you. If you live in the South Florida area please feel free to call us at 305-864-3333.


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