How Overweight Women Can Treat Inner Thigh Discoloration

Courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, and just 15 minutes of Aventura, FL).

In today’s personalized skin care segment is, I am answering a direct question to a sweet 20 year old Asian young lady writing to me asking me how to treat inner thigh discoloration. She’s from Palm Beach, FL. Her question is as follows: “Hello Eva, I saw your video on Youtube and I’d like to get some help. I am a 20 year old overweight Asian girl and I have very darkened inner thighs due to my thighs rubbing against each other due to the main reason that I am overweight. I tend to get heat rash so I stay away from wearing skirts but due to previous incidents of heat rash, my mom has gave me creams to apply to sooth the skin but in turn it has turned the skin darker as well. I am an Asian Chinese girl if you need to know. I have attached a few photos and I hope you’d be able to help me.  I am starting on losing weight so hopefully then my thighs aren’t as huge or even rubbing against each other anymore but I would definitely love to get rid of the darkened skin and wear a bikini confidently.” We hope you’ll find the information shared in this video to be helpful.

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