How To Combat Aging Naturally…

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Have you ever considered antioxidants as a natural skin care remedy to prevent damage to aging skin? Antioxidants come in many forms, such as: minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Vitamins and minerals with antioxidant properties are called nutrient anitoxidants.

Antioxidants contain naturally formed components which protect cells from free radicals, which are highly charged oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that attempt to obtain electrons from other molecules. The production of free radicals by the body are increased by factors such as:

  • smoking
  • sun dun damage
  • stress
  • toxins (ex: air pollution and absestos)

The damage caused by the above diminishes the skin’s structural support and decreases its elasticity, resilience and suppleness, leading to inflammation, liver spots (dark spots), and poor skin conditions. In addition to being the main culprit of wrinkles, free radicals, in essence, accelerate the aging process. At our Miami based med spa (after years of providing anti-aging facial treatments), we’ve seen first-hand how antioxidants can stop this cellular chain reaction of oxidation by neutralizing free radicals.

Here are some ways in which antioxidants can help to improve your health and cell function:

  • increase collagen production
  • create healthier, younger skin cells
  • improve elasticity
  • reduce sun damage

Like with any diet, the better quality the antioxidants are, the more favorable results you’ll experience. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)  the  following foods pack a powerful punch of antioxidants which contain high levels of disease-fighting antioxidant compounds:

  • black currants The
  • cherries
  • cantaloupe
  • grapes
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • cranberries
  • peppers
  • spinach

The foods above contain high levels of OPCs are a special family of polyphenols (bioflavinoids) capable of renewing the most important building blocks, such as:

  • collagen
  • elastin fibers

We are all in the search of the ‘fountain of youth.’ Implement healthy food choices, exercise regularly, avoid the aforementioned free radicals, combined with proper European skin care, and you should be able to experience beautiful, healthy looking skin.

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