How to Do a Home Vaginal Facial (#DIY Demo)

Many of our YouTube subscribers asked us via email to expand on our in-house Miami based vaginl facial (vajacial) and make a home treatment demo on vaginal rejuvenation facials. Although we offer this service at our clinic (, many of you can do this treatment by yourself.

If you are a woman past your 30s, or in pre or post menopause, this is a great and inexpensive way to make your most intimate body part feel and look soft, moist and REJUVENATED!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an active discharge, itching, yeast infection or STD consult with your gynecologist before trying this treatment!

Any questions? Wel’ll be glad to answer! Ask us below in the comment section, or if you’re a South Florida local call us at 305-864-3333 to schedule a free consultation.


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