How to Treat Acne Naturally

Dear Visitors & Clients: This video is long, but it may just change your health, life and problem acne skin! If you’ve tried acne products that have failed to bring about results, or think that going in for one acne facial will do the trick, may we suggest that you take the time to educate yourselves. It is our hope that you will achieve better health and better skin too, and learn how to treat acne naturally! Today’s help with acne segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa (located between Miami, Miami Beach & Sunny Isles) . We’ve spoken countless times about acne, but through our endless research, we have discovered that to cure or get acne under control, you have to treat your body from the inside out.

More specifically, the body’s vital organ, the liver— holds the answer to your skin, health and nutrition. We have summarized hours-and-hours of research and information from a very wise physician, by the name of Dr. Sandra Cabot ( With over 36 years in the skin care and wellness industry, we feel that we have finally found a physician that has the answer! We hope this video changes your life, and helps to get your acne under control.

Have a skin care question for us? Please feel free to ask below in the comment section. We highly urge you to visit Dr. Cabot’s  YouTube channel.

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