Inner Thigh Lightening Advice for Brown Skin

Today’s skin care segment courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located between Bay Harbor, Sunny Isles and Aventura.

I made this video specifically for a very sweet and kind young woman who wrote to me a month ago and asked me the following question: ” I am a 31 year old Pacific Islander and have been following your videos posted on YouTube. I love how you have addressed so many issues us women face and am so glad we have someone like you. I am a brown skin individual and have very dark inner thighs and am interested in skin lightening treatment. I have since watching your videos started to lose the weight and exercise regularly which is working very well.

The only problem is I would love to move onto the next step and get hold of your products but I don’t know how to go about it as I live on the tiny island of Fiji all the way in the South Pacific.” I truly hope that you (I will just use the initial of your first name — “R” — as this video is made specifically for you) find this video to be both helpful and informative.

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