Is Makeup or Tinted Moisturizer Causing My Breakouts?

Today’s help with acne skin care treatment is courtesy of the Acne Solution by Bay Harbour Med Spa – located between Miami and Miami Beach.

We received the following question from Chloe, a 25-year-old female: ” Hi there, I am a 25 year old white female. Only just recently i have had an issue with my facial skin with breaking out with pimples. They arn’t extremly big pimples just lots of little ones mostly around my chin and cheek areas and they are always really red looking. I have tried pro active but that just seemed to dry my skin out too much. I usually wash my face every night with a facial scrub wash/cleanser. I had been wearing a mineral based make up to work every day but that seemed to be making the pimples worse so i stopped that and have now just moved onto a tinted moisturizer by Napoleon. Can you please offer some advise as to what i can try so this issue goes away – please help!!!! Thank you.”

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