Laser Hair Removal Advice for Black Skin (Shave Before Your Treatment!)

Today’s help with skin care segment is courtesy of Laser Hair Removal Miami, LLC., & our sister company, Bay Harbour Med Spa (located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles). If you’re a black man or woman, please take a few moments to watch our educational video and learn why you should shave before you go in for laser hair removal treatments.


  1. kay says:

    Are there any lazer removal treatments that you can buy for home treatment for black skin? I have seen a few but some of them say not for dark skin tones? Are there any you would recommend for dark skin tones?

    • medspa33154 says:

      There aren’t ANY home laser hair removal machines sold that will in any way or shape or form destroy the hair follicle! Especially for black skin. Only the CoolGlide works for dark to black skin, and is most certainly not sold for home use. Sorry.

  2. onny says:

    hi eva…
    em really happy about the instruction you give…em in Germany Paderborn em from Fiji em stay in Germany for 8 years now em glad that I haven’t dome laser whole of my life listening to you is evry interesting.I about to go and do laser ow can tell if the laser is cool glide laser do I need to ask the owner.sorry em black.

    • medspa33154 says:

      Hi Onny,

      Of course you should ask the med spa owner if they are using CoolGlide (but I don’t know that there is CoolGlide in Germany). For sure, though, as if they use IPL. If they say yes, then you know this is not the place for you. Because IPL is (a) does not offer permanent hair reduction, and (b) is not manufactured or approved to treat dark to black skin. Hope this helps! I offer more advice on black skin care and laser hair removal on my YouTube channel @ I think you will find lots of useful info there. Hope this helps!

  3. Cheryl Mills says:

    You are wonderful and very knowledgeable! I have been struggling with hair on my face since my twenties. I am now 52. I shave daily and it creeping up my face now. I have wanted to do laser but have not got as in depth info from anyone until I ran across your site. This means a lot to me because this hair on my face has been embarrassing! I teach middle school and you know some children can be cruel and say the first thing out of their mouths. I have a pretty decent face but this hair has to go! I’m in VA so I will research finding places that use cool glide. I wish I was near your spa. You are amazing KEEP EDUCATING US AND KEEP THE ANIMATION IT MAKES YOU…You!!!!! Love it and love you. From just another hairy lady!

    • medspa33154 says:

      Cheryl, you’re lovely. Thank you for your comment. Please do search out some options for CoolGlide laser hair removal in VA, and email them to me. I will look through the links, and let you know which one I think is the most reputable. Now being that you’re 52, is any of the hair white? I ask this, because laser will not work on light hair. Do you still have your periods? Are you over weight? It’s good to have all of this information. Please email me at AskAboutSkinCare(at)Gmail(dot)com. It will be my pleasure to advise you. Kids can be very cruel, and I am sorry that you have to tolerate their petulance and insensitive behavior! If you email me pictures (I don’t need to see entire face), maybe I can help you figure out how to cover some of it up, or give you several options. It will be my pleasure. If you do email me, just be sure to mention you’re the lovely middle school teacher from VA. Wishing you best of health, and may you only be surrounded by kindness! — Eva.

  4. titine says:

    Hello Eva,

    i have taken great pleasure in watching your videos. I find them very explicit. I am a black woman struggling with hair on my face since my teens. I am now 36 and have been using wax to do my facial. like you explain black women have the tendency to have the hair curled in, therefore it leaves dark marks. I’ve always wanted to do laser but was scared of the discoloration and have not info from anyone until your YouTube videos. I leave over seas ( Caribbean ) and from my understanding it will take more the one session to remove all the hair. Have you ever dealt with such cases. If yes, i would love to come in and try it with you.

    • medspa33154 says:

      Hello, Titine: Thank you for your lovely note. I have clients who fly in from the Carribbean and as far as Europe and the Middle East to see me. I have dealt with what you describe dozens and dozens of times. It will be my pleasure to have you come see me. Please go through my laser hair removal blog and if you have any questions you’re welcome to reach out to me via the website. Here’s the blog: Take good care! – Eva.

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