Just How Effective is Microdermabrasion

"microdermabrasion before after results"

After years of offering crystal microdermabrasion treatments at our med spa (conveniently located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles), we can honestly state that the effectiveness of microdermabrasion depends on the machine and hose. The intensity of the suction and the crystal flow are very important factors in having an effective machine. In essence, microdermabrasion treatments should work with the widest part coming close to the skin for even exfoliation, and for treating larger areas.

Effective microdermabrasion machines should offer the skin care practitioner the ability to control the level of intensity in the suction and abrasiveness of the tip. The practitioner should be able to customize the treatment to your needs and skin type. This means that even those with sensitive skin are candidates for this treatment. We use the corundum crystals (as opposed to aluminum oxide crystals– which are much cheaper but not all that healthy for your skin).

In short, the effectiveness of microdermabrasion really depends on the machine and how it has been designed.¬† We don’t advocate the diamond technology, because we believe that the intensity of the suction and crystal flow are such important factors in the treatment, that machines utilizing corundum crystals will deliver that much more, than it’s diamond counterpart.

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