Neckline Bleaching Advice (Miami, Fl)

Before You Bleach Your Neckline You Need to Know This!! Courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located between Miami, Miami Beach and Aventura.

Today I am covering the topic of bleaching around the neckline and what you should know before you start this treatment! There may just be an underlying health issue. I was prompted to talk about this subject because of an email I received from a young lady asking for advice on which products I recommend for her.

The question is as follows: “Dear Eva, I hope you are doing great. I would first like to thank you for all your efforts with the videos. I really find them very helpful. I need your help in identifying the products and the routine that would fit my skin the best. I have discoloration in my: neck line, under breast line, under arms, thigh, vagina, anal, and some spots on my butt. Please help me in identifying the products I will be needing.”

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