Not All Private Parts’ Pigment (Color) Is Created Equal!

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Welcome to Bay Harbour Med Spa’s skin lightning/private part skin lightning blog post. Our European med spa is conveniently located between Miami Beach, Sunny Isles and Aventura. In 2013 we’ve seen a growth in the amount of clients coming in because they’re interested in vaginal or anal bleaching. We really feel that it’s important that we educate you first on what your realistic expectations should be– and especially– SAFETY! Today’s post is a bit longer, but we feel it’s so important that you read it and share it with anyone you know interested in skin lightning.

It’s important to note that if you’re aiming to get pink or very light-skinned genital skin color (and you’re no longer in your 20’s), your expectations are unrealistic.  Causes of skin or genital discoloration include: sun exposure, aging, hormones, friction (caused by underwear and jeans), coupled with hygiene and sexual penetration will cause the skin to change color.

First, please note that not all skin discoloration is created equal. Second, it took your genital area to become darker years to get to its current color, to fade it to a paler color will take time as well!!! If you’re opting for immediate and radical skin bleaching creams, you may cause irreversible damage, including the possibility of developing cancer! Most bleaching products contain hydroquinone, a skin bleaching accelerator that has been linked to causing cancer. It is dangerous for you to use on your face, let alone sensitive areas like the genitals and anus! You’re better off going with natural lightning treatments, and waiting for the skin to become lighter, rather than developing a life-threatening disease. There are also prescription pills on the market, we don’t recommend them, because they can be hard on the liver. With so many daily toxins we’re exposed to, why expose your organs to unnecessary free-radicals?!

We also don’t recommend chemical peels, especially for black or ethnic skin, as it is an extremely invasive treatment and if not instructed properly on home care, you may experience irreversible damage.

Although you think that darker genital areas may not be attractive, please know that from experience, 90% of our clients have darker private part areas. We know this because we not only treat clients for skin lightning, but we have many clients who come in for genital laser hair removal services. Suffice it to say we’ve treated hundreds-upon-hundreds of clients in the bare, so we are giving you honest insider information.

The honest truth is that there’s no quick fix, BUT, skin lightning treatments over time will produce positive results that you’ll be very happy with. You generally will require 10 treatments (some cases more). At our med spa, we estimate that a variable of lighter skin results will improve anywhere from 30% to 70%.

For optimal and safe results, we’ve formulated a combination of a microdermabrasion treatment and a fruit acid peel, followed by a fruit acid masque. We then send you home with our formulated plant-derived home use lightening system which you’ll use twice per day. You’ll return for this treatment once a month.

This is the only way to SAFELY fade away any skin discoloration. Have patience, know that health over beauty is paramount and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

If you live in South Florida, and prefer a natural and safer approach to skin lightening, please call us at 305-864-8824.

If you don’t live in the area, our complete Skin Renewal Arbutin Lightening Treatment is available for purchase. You’ll experience great benefits just as our in-house clients do, with the exception that it will take you to notice results a bit longer. You’re welcome to call us and ask us any questions you may have before purchasing our products.

We don’t include before and after pictures of the genital areas for modesty reasons. However, the before and after pictures you see below are a true reflection of what you can expect in private regions as well.

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    i would like to know more about bleaching

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      I have plenty of videos I made speaking about skin lightening/bleaching. Although my med spa is located in Miami Beach (Bay Harbor Island); I have a product line for home use. First, have a look at my video vlogs which should be very informative for you. Wishing you best of health!

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