Acne Treatments for Teens, Men & Women

For more than 26 years, our Miami based med spa (conveniently located between Sunny Isles and Miami Beach) has been successful in treating teens, women and men suffering from acne. Our customized acne facial treatments are customized and targeted to treat the root of the problem. [As such, some cases of acne are severe and require  the care of a dermatologist]. During your initial consultation, we will thoroughly explain the treatment process. However, here’s some important initial information you should read before your acne treatment/facial.
beyond the treatment…

1. Keratization (skin cell exfoliation) is the process whereby cells are born every three to five days in the lowest layer of the epidermis. Then they migrate up to the surface, over the course of 28 to 30 days, forming all the different layers of the skin as they do.
2. At the microscopic level, these cells take in nourishment, excrete, reproduce, fight threats, work together, live and die.
3. Cells protect us by shifting from being water-filled to keratin-filled (same type as hair and nails), boosting the strength and integrity  of the skin as they move up to the surface.
4.  Ultimately, because of water loss, these epithelial cells die and slough off in about a month (faster with youthful skin, slower with mature skin). In essence, the little guys throw themselves under a bus for us.
5. Sometimes, things go wrong.. Occasionally the cells don’t effectively move up and out of the follicle shaft that the oil gland is attached to, resulting in tiny clogs (microcomodones) composed of sticky cells, oils and the like. These can go on to form a visible whitehead or blackhead.
6.  If the clog gets large enough, it blocks incoming air to the follicle. This oxygen deprivation allows the acne bacteria that lives in the skin to multiply, forming a clog.
7.  This multiplying action alerts the skin’s defense mechanisms, which rush to fight the bacteria, resulting in a papule (pimple) or cyst.
8. Lastly, color from the lesions is not scarring, it is called the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This will usually settle, though it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

Just keep in mind that it took more than a month for your skin to get to its current condition. Our effective acne skin care treatments will help you. The products we choose for your degree of acne contain proven ingredients. This includes ingredients for clearing, exfoliating, oil-drying,water hydrating, healing or pigmentation relief as AHAs (glycolic, lactic), BHAs (salicylic), pumpkin, vitamin C, algae, sea whip, zinc, licorice, peptides and the like.

To schedule your acne facial, please call: 305-864-8824.

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