Anti-Aging Treatments

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You’ve probably read about dozens of theories about why the skin ages. In the scientific community, there is one acceptable theory: oxidation. What this means is that oxygen-by-products known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), including free radicals, are the main culprits to aging. Free radicals are bad for the skin because they speed up aging, coupled with over exposure to the sun, you’ve got a recipe for accelerate aging skin! At our med spa (conveniently located between Sunny Isles, Miami and Miami Beach) we stress the importance of sun protection over and over again to every client that walks in our doors. We do this because the sun in the main source of free radicals. In fact, before considering anti-aging skin treatments, please keep reading.

Here are some additional facts associated with oxidative aging due to exposure to free radicals:

  • Inflammation is another major source of free radicals. By reducing inflammation you will decelerate your skin’s aging. One of the major ways to do this is by using products which contain antioxidants in them.  Our Microcurrent Face, Neck and Chest Treatment incorporates an ultrasonic treatment which helps deliver specialized antioxidants through the pores of your skin, thereby slowing down the aging process, and turning dull skin into supple, healthy skin.
  • Antioxidants are the BEST defense against oxidants. Different types of antioxidants work through different mechanisms of actions, in the following way:
  1. Some antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals
  2. Some antioxidants neutralize existing free radicals
  3. Others, increase the skin’s defense mechanisms

As a result, combining antioxidants is more therapeutically effective than individual antioxidants. For this reason alone, you really should seek a professional anti-agin face treatment performed by a reputable skin care specialist, at a med spa with a stellar reputation!’s

It’s important that you understand why antioxidant mixing and penetration is best left to a professional, here are some facts to consider:

  • Epidermis- this is the top layer of the skin which contains melanocytes, the cells responsible for melanin. If these melanocytes are produced at higher numbers than required, you end up with hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • Dermis- this layer maintains the mechanical properties of the skin and serves as the water reservoir of the skin. The dermis contains fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This is why microcurrent aka ultrasonic skin treatments are so beneficial for your skin. In order to reach the dermis, you will benefit best by going to a med spa to have a proper treatment performed. This treatment is a low-level electrical current that mimics the body’s own biological current. This treatment helps to increase protein production (protein is the building block of the body), it promotes waste removal, stimulates healing, regenerates tissue balance, balances out free radical damage, boosts cell growth, and the list goes on.

The Microcurrent Treatment at Bay Harbour Med Spa is really our ultimate anti-aging tool! For a complementary consultation, please call us: 305-864-8824.