The Acne Food Connection

"acne and milk connection depiction"

For over 32 years we’ve been successfully treating men, women and teens who suffer from acne with our authentic paramedical acne facials. Bay Harbour Med Spa is conveniently located between Miami and Sunny Isles. The one most common questions we’re asked about is the connection between food and acne. We’re here to dispel the myths!

The following foods were once associated with causing acne but have since been exonerated by today’s acne experts:

  • pizza
  • chocolate
  • french fries

However,  there is one food connection to acne that has gained lots of attention which has been shown to pass on high levels of hormones— if you’ve guessed cow’s milk, you’re absolutely right! The theory is that these hormones “turn on” the oil glands in humans, causing them to over-secrete sebum, which then mixes with the shedding keratin cells in the hair follicles, creating a plugged pore or pimple.

The hypothesis is that the hormones responsible for causing and overproduction of sebum and “lining cells” come from three sources:

  • androgens (known as sex hormones)
  • adrenal glands
  • dairy products

The acne and milk connection is a theory embraced by many experts and dermatologists. As a matter of fact, the Harvard School of Public Health’s School of Nutrition, advises acne sufferers to STOP consuming all milk and other dairy products and to find dairy substitutes such as soy milk, almond milk or rice milk (they are all quite delicious, and offer cheese substitutes which taste even better than the real thing).


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