Underarm Bleaching Advice for Dark Skin

Today’s help with skin bleaching segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa– located between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles. PH: 305-864-3333. The question and answer topic is: Can antiperspirants/deodorants cause hyperpigmentation of the armpits in dark skin? We hope you’ll find this video to be informative.

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  1. Melina Melendez says:


    I have bought your armpit bleaching kit.
    And I was wondering if I can still use deodorant every day?
    (I use Secret clinical strength, keeps me smelling good.)

    And should I use anything to keep my skin from rubbing, if so what do you recommend?

    Thank you!

    • medspa33154 says:

      Dear Melina: My apology for the late response. Some questions on the website end up in the spam section. Please know that as a client you are welcome to contact me by phone each and every day with any question you may have. I hope I answered your question thoroughly in our phone conversation but here’s a video I made answering the question just in case. Thanks for your business and confidence in my products! Take care, Eva.

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