Underarm Bleaching/Lightening Advice for Young Arab Women

Courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located in Bay Harbor Island – just between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, and just 20 minutes south of Hollywood Beach, Fl.

I am answering the following question written in to me by a sweet 23-year-young Arab woman: “I am a Middle Eastern– 23 years old female. and I have been suffering from dark armpits since I have known myself. It affected my self-confidence and I never wear sleeveless shirts or dresses, and I have always been anxious to show my armpits to anyone. I have tried everything! Literally..  I have been doing the laser hair removal sessions as you advised and I have been using alcohol and aluminium free deodorant with lemon and oranges. I have not seen satisfying results because I know I need a treatment. My underarms are not as dark as the videos I watched but the ratio between my other skin and underarms difference is very noticeable as 1:4 ratio. I am very disappointed because I am a student and I want a solution that I can afford. Can you tell me what type of your products should I consider? Please. P.S. You are awesomely trusted and you gave me huge hope.”

I hope the advice I offer this young lady is helpful to any of you watching or inquiring about underarm bleaching aka lightening treatments.

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