Upper Lip Discoloration, Cold Sores & Black Skin

Today’s skin bleaching segment is courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located between Bay Harbor and Sunny Isles. We are going over upper lip discoloration specific to black skin.

We received the following question by one of our YouTube subscribers:

“Hello, I just watched your video on melasma on the upper lip and I have suffered from this ever since I had a string of cold sores around my mouth since I was about in 3rd grade. I’m 18 now and I would like to know how I can reduce or even get rid of it. It’s not just on my upper lip, but under my lip in a triangle and in my laugh lines, if you could reply back tha would be great. Thank you.

We hope you find the video to be helpful! Have a skincare question for us? You are welcome to ask below in the comment section or call 305-864-3333 for a complementary consultation.

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