VelaShape Can Help Post-Pregnancy Loose Skin

We’d like to thank Marina for reviewing our VelaShape treatments at our Miami Beach med spa. Marina came to us to help her tighten up loose skin post-pregnancy. As many women experience, after giving birth to a baby, loose skin is a result and no matter how much you exercise, the skin will not tighten up to its original condition pre-pregnancy. VelaShape is a non-surgical option you have and one that actually yields favorable results. Of course, there are cases where surgery is the only solution because of an excess amount of loose skin. (Please see before and after results below).

The VelaShape treatment uses radio frequency (RF) which stimulates collagen in the skin, an important protein which is responsible for wrinkle-free or tight skin. As we age, we begin to lose this elasticity producing protein, and the same happens after pregnancy. The VelaShape device uses RF energy as well as Infrared technology and tissue mobilization to smooth out cellulite and tighten the skin. While it may not completely bring your skin back to pre-pregnancy state, there will be some very visible results. For some, more than others.

If you live in South Florida, we invite you to come in for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to give you an honest assessment of whether or not we can help, and what your realistic expectations should be. Please contact us by calling 305-864-8824.

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  1. Marina J. says:

    Hello again

    I guess that it provides skin tightening to both pregnants and non pregnats, right?

  2. Zoila says:

    Starting price for stomach? Thighs? Do you do arms?
    Consultation price?

    I work with airline and will travel for treatment.

    • medspa33154 says:

      Hello, Zoila:
      Our consultations are complimentary; however, they are by appointment only. To schedule please call 305-864-3333. We will be glad to answer any questions you have including any fees during your consultation. Wishing you a wonderful day, and safe and easy travels.

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