Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

"before after results laser hair removal bikini"

If you desire smooth and pleasant to the touch bikini or private region bare skin, then Laser Hair Removal Miami’s (our sister company) Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is your solution!

No matter what your skin color is, our CoolGlide laser technology (the only laser system approved by the FDA to safely treat dark to black skin) is appropriate bikini line, private region (genital), or hair removal around the anus.

Waxing has long been the go to hair removal treatment. However, if you have sensitive skin or are allergy prone, waxing is not an appropriate treatment for you. While waxing is a good method, it has its disadvantages: waxing in these intimate areas is quite painful.

While laser hair removal is more costly than depilatory creams, shaving, electrolysis, or waxing, it offers a huge benefit! The hair follicles are permanently disabled, resulting in long-lasting permanent hair reduction.

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