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Free Skin Analysis For All of You – A Sincere Thanks from Eva!

Courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa – located in Bay Harbor Island – just between Miami Beach and Sunny Isles, and just 15 minutes south of Aventura, FL. I’d like to extend a deep felt thank you to every subscriber, those of you leaving comments, sending me emails, my clients, and those of you who […]

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How to Eat for Healthy Skin

Expert Skin Care Advice for Healthy Skin, courtesy of Bay Harbour Med Spa. We would like to share with you advice we’ve exchanged with women, men, athletes, models, socialites and celebrities for the last 36 years at our Miami Beach based med spa. BUT, most importantly, we’ve spoken to several physicians, and have compiled all […]

How to Treat Acne Naturally

Dear Visitors & Clients: This video is long, but it may just change your health, life and problem acne skin! If you’ve tried acne products that have failed to bring about results, or think that going in for one acne facial will do the trick, may we suggest that you take the time to educate […]

9 Foods That Defend the Skin Against Sun Burns, Wrinkles & Cancer

We’ve compiled a list of foods that are capable of aiding the skin’s ability to defend itself against sun-related burns, wrinkles and cancer. We often share this list with our clients. It is Bay Harbour Med Spa’s pleasure to share this information with you as well. Tomatoes contain the UV protecting compound lycopene Sweet potatoes […]

Bloated? Try This… Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin is one of our chosen enzyme staples used in our anti-aging facials. Pumpkin contains incredible antioxidant properties, but, another incredible benefit it offers is that it’s a fiber-rich food which helps to rid the body of sodium– thus, it is a great natural aid to help with bloating. As the Fall is upon us, […]

What Is the Relationship Between Nutrition and Skin Care?

Welcome to our website. If you’re a new visitor, we hope you’ll enjoy our skin care tips and advice. Today’s skin care question covers nutrition and skin care. Nutrition is most definitely linked to the skin nourishment, its renewal and repair of the skin cells. The skin is the largest organ. Studies have shown that […]

Healthy Natural Drink Recipe To Help With Constipation

The liver performs more than 400 functions, taking in and funneling out the toxins produces in the organs. Our elimination organs (i.e. small and large intestines) have to work in harmony with the liver. If you suffer or experience constipation, toxins become backed up, wreaking havoc on your body and skin. In fact, constipation is […]

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The Effect Of Sugar On The Skin

By now you are more than likely aware that a healthy lifestyle is essential to feeling and looking good. Diet, exercise and stress management are essential for whole-body wellness. Unfortunately, in the current fast paced culture we live in today, we neglect our health, and in-turn– our skin! The American diet is full of simple […]

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How Ayurveda Can Help Treat Anxiety

Bay Harbour Med Spa (located between Miami Beach, Sunny Isles and Aventura) is committed to a holistic/wellness spa treatment program. We believe in alternative treatments/remedies to treat the body, mind and spirit. Today’s topic: an ancient soothing anxiety Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic medicine has been around for thousands of years. It consists of three (3) guiding […]

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The Top 12 Veggies & Fruits Containing Highest Levels of Pesticides