How to Remove Eye Make-Up (The Do’s and Dont’s)

"woman removing eye make-up"

We recently asked our friends on our Facebook page what their skin care rituals are. One stood out to us which gave us the idea for today’s skin care post. The answer was, I never go to bed without removing my eye make-up. We wanted to take this a step further. We meet new clients day-in and day-out at Bay Harbour Med Spa (our European med spa is conveniently located between Miami, Miami Beach and Sunny Isles) who tell us that they use facial cleanser to rub off eye make-up. A big NO NO!

Rubbing of eye make-up with a facial cleanser can cause irritation, and even worse, you can run the risk of getting ingredients such as salycilic or glycolic acid in your eyes. We suggest you use an eye make-up remover that has more natural ingredients than not. Perhaps look in your local health food store. Eye make-up remover is a specialized product that is made to dissolve color pigments in the shadows and loosen mascara. A facial cleanser will not do the same!

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