Laser Hair Removal Miami Pricing

The term ” you get what you pay for” couldn’t be farthest from the truth when it comes to laser hair removal treatments in Miami and pricing. The quality of laser hair removal has been degraded by coupon sites which promise 3 treatments for $99. Advanced laser hair removal machines cost a minimum of $65,000. You can also find a laser machine for $2000. Think about it for a moment, can you compare a flimsy made in China laser technology to a modality that is made in the USA or Europe. There is a major difference between weak infrared laser machines, ineffective IPL laser technology (not ideal for dark skin), and top-of the line highly effective laser machines such as the CoolGlide (our laser technology of choice and the only FDA approved machine that will safely treat dark to black skin).

The truth of the matter is that most laser hair removal establishments who charge $99 for 3 treatments will not deliver permanent results. It’s impossible! A cheap machine put together in some factory in China can never deliver effective laser beam technology which destroys the hair follicle. If it’s too good to be true, than it is!

There is no way that a laser hair removal business could give you quality, permanent hair reduction results with machines that cost only several thousand dollars.

We hope you’ve found this article enlightening and understand the difference now. If not, please feel free to write a comment below and we’ll be happy to explain this matter further.

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