Women’s Laser Hair Removal

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Do you suffer from unsightly facial hair? Are your arms hairy? Do you have hair on your abdomen, lower back and buttocks? Excessive hair growth is known as hirsutism. Since 1996 we’ve successfully treated young women with laser hair removal treatments at our Miami based med spa, who suffer from embarrassing and unsightly hair. While we cover hirsutism more extensively in our blog, we’d like to go over how laser can help you achieve permanent hair reduction.

Let’s go over some common questions and answers:

Is laser hair removal painful? For the most part, the treatments are fairly painless. However, in more sensitive areas you will experience some discomfort; kind of like a rubber band snapping on your skin. We utilize the CoolGlide technology which as the name implies has a cooling mechanism (tip) which significantly reduces pain. As such, we also have a natural anesthetic that makes event the most sensitive of treated areas (such as the genital or around the anus) virtually painless!

Is laser hair removal really permanent? Most women can toss their razors away for years to come, even forever. However, there isn’t 100% guarantee. It’s not because the laser technology does not work well, it’s because all women go through different hormonal changes throughout their lives. Birth control pills and the like play a role too. In these cases, you may experience hair regrowth, but the follicles will be like baby fine hair and much lighter.

Is full hair growth necessary (like waxing) when coming in for treatments? No. Not at all. In fact, it is encouraged that you shave the hair the night before you come in for your treatment.

Are black women candidates for laser hair removal treatments? That depends! The only laser technology that is approved by the FDA to safely treat dark to black skin is the CoolGlide technology. Any other laser technology may cause skin discoloration or worse. At Bay Harbour Med Spa, we utilize the CoolGlide!

If you’re tired of embarrassing unwanted hair, please call us at 305-864-8824 to schedule a complementary consultation.

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  1. Toral says:

    Laser Hair Treatment is an effective method for hair growth as well as hair removal . I have been treated for three months and I have no unwanted hairs any more. It is really effective. Until you have not tried you will not believe.

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